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Intoxicated on Psychedelic Drugs

Friday night Patrick, Beto, and me were fucked up on nine hits of acid (3 each) and were smoking a lot of puffy-puff we got from D.C. (Washington) at my house. We were rolling Phillies blunts and watching Dumb and Dumber before going to Pollen (the rave club) and then there came this scene in the movie where this little tweedy bird was killed, so we got an idea. Beto said, "Hey man, have you ever seen your birds high Alex?" and I said no, so we went to get the cage and we started smoking the blunts and puffing the weed smoke into the two birdies. We were so fucked up and laughing our heads off because they were literally flying into the cage and biting each other and spilling the water tank and all. For some reason, I felt that the birds wanted to be free (that was the acid talking) and so I said to them "I shall free thee my brethren!" and the other dudes started laughing. I grabbed them out of the cage and threw them out into the living room where they flew around for about fifteen seconds until one of them flew into the ceiling fan and feathers flew all over the place.

We felt so bad that we started crying for the stupid bird and we got a knife from the kitchen and went out to bury him in the backyard. The other one we took out with us to the ceremony and we swear that we thought that he was crying for his friend. Beto gave a eulogy to the bird and afterwards we prayed and crossed ourselves as if we were in Catholic mass.

We got into the car and we took the bird with us cause we thought that he should not be alone after losing his friend; that's just how fucked up we were that night! I was driving on route 395 and I was goofing cause I thought I was seeing cop lights in my rearview mirror, but then my friends reminded me that it was just the acid.

We got to the club and Patrick hid the bird inside his cap and we took him inside where we were showing it to some of our friends. We went to dance and then the bird flew out of our hands. I don't know what happened to the bird, but he must have gotten lost inside the club cause we couldn't find him. We were so high that we were asking people if they had seen our tweedy bird and people thought that we were really fucked up on something and we were just imagining shit.

Then, after the club we went back home with some girls to smoke some more and do some ecstasy and crystal we bought at the club and we completely forgot about the feathers that were all over the living room from where the bird was killed by the fan. They thought it was cool when they came in and so we didn't say how it really happened. That was one fucked up night!

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